Project Description

Incitec Pivot Ship Loading

Incitec Pivot Ship Loading

Client Incitec Pivot Ltd
Location Port of Brisbane
Application Dust Control for ship loading
Construction JMS-50-MES Mobile, Electric, Skid Dust Collector

Client Overview

Incitec Pivot is one of Australia’s largest suppliers of fertilizers, dispatching around two million tonnes each year. One of their production processing facilities is located at the Port of Brisbane where they manufacture Gran-am, a granulated ammonium sulphate fertilizer, used on its own or as a source of nitrogen in blended fertilizers. The product is shipped worldwide.

Client Challenge

To control the dust created during ship loading with bulk Gran-am fertilizer, conveyor speeds had to be reduced to 100T per hour. This reduction in ship loading time causes a significant increase in operating costs through increased labor, port charges and shipping times.

Our Solution

Incitec already uses Grydale fixed dust collection systems within their manufacturing and processing facilities which prompted them to contact our team to discuss a potential solution.

From experience of other ship loading and unloading projects, our in-house engineering team calculated that the Grydale JMS-50-MES dust collector could be positioned at the port to effectively manage the dust from loading conveyors, and allow for increased conveyor speeds.

The JMS-50-MES is a mobile dust collection unit that can be easily positioned on site using cranes and castor wheels. The mobile dust collector can be easily moved when not required for ship loading.

Dust Control during ship loading

JMS-50-MES Mobile, Electric, Skid Dust Collector


The use of the dust collector for ship loading has yielded impressive results and the unit will remain at the Port of Brisbane to provide ongoing dust control.

Increased ship loading speed

The first 10,000T ship arrived in Port and was loaded within 2 days – three days earlier than scheduled.

Increased conveyor speed

The conveyor speed was increased from 100T per hour to 540T per hour.

Significant cost savings

The increased speed of ship loading represents a huge operational cost and time saving for ship loading, with dramatically reduced port demurrage charges and reduced labor costs.

In addition, the dust discharged from the dust collector is captured in 1T bulker bags and can be utilized as product.

Sale and Rental Options

Grydale offers flexible rental and purchase options for 12,000CFM to 125,000CFM (6m³/s – 60m³/s) mobile dust collectors. These units can be used to manage ship loading and unloading of a wide range of products either via clamshells or conveyors.

Flexible ducting connects ship and dust collector

Flexible Ducting Connection

Ship Loading Dust Control

Ship Loading Dust Control

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